Resultado de la API de MediaWiki

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    "batchcomplete": "",
    "query": {
        "authmanagerinfo": {
            "canauthenticatenow": "",
            "cancreateaccounts": "",
            "preservedusername": "",
            "requests": [
                    "id": "MediaWiki\\Auth\\PasswordAuthenticationRequest",
                    "metadata": {},
                    "required": "primary-required",
                    "provider": "Autenticaci\u00f3n basada en contrase\u00f1a",
                    "account": ""
                    "id": "MediaWiki\\Auth\\RememberMeAuthenticationRequest",
                    "metadata": {},
                    "required": "optional",
                    "provider": "MediaWiki\\Auth\\RememberMeAuthenticationRequest",
                    "account": "MediaWiki\\Auth\\RememberMeAuthenticationRequest"
            "fields": {
                "username": {
                    "type": "string",
                    "label": "Usuario",
                    "help": "Nombre de usuario para la autenticaci\u00f3n."
                "password": {
                    "type": "password",
                    "label": "Contrase\u00f1a",
                    "help": "Contrase\u00f1a para autenticaci\u00f3n.",
                    "sensitive": ""
                "rememberMe": {
                    "type": "checkbox",
                    "label": "Mantener mi sesi\u00f3n iniciada",
                    "help": "Si debe recordarse la contrase\u00f1a por m\u00e1s tiempo que la duraci\u00f3n de la sesi\u00f3n.",
                    "optional": ""